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3 Days in Portugal (Day 1 - Lisbon)

3 Days in Portugal (Day 1)

2 Oct - 5 Oct 2016 From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Transit in London, England Arrived in Lisbon, Portugal on 3rd Oct 2016

Flight: British Airways Accommodation: Lisbon Destination Hostel, Rossio Station Day 1 (3rd Oct 2016) 1- Rossio Square 2- Belem area (President Residence, Pasteis de Belem, Starbucks, National Museum, Padro Dos Descrobimentos, Windrose compass, Tagus River, 25 April Bridge) 3- Praca do Comercio 4- Santa Justa Lift End day 1. Check in. Dinner. Rest. Sleep. instagram and fb page:

Actually, my flight arrived in Lisbon airport early in the  morning but i cannot check in yet. So i just left my luggage in the store and start my adventure alone in Lisboa. 

Didn't plan to cover everything on my 1st day. My hostel is located in the strategic area with train and subway connection. And also the touristic area is just a few minutes walk and they got tram everywhere. 

So, i went to Rossio Square 1st. take picture and from there, i ride a tram to Belem. A bit far from the main city but must visit. Cause they got the best Egg Tart in Portugal. At least, i thought they were before i found out another brand selling egg tart in another part of the city which i visited them on my 3rd day. 

Also, you can find a UNESCO site in Belem which is the Belem Tower. Seriously missed this place on my 1st day, so i end up went to this place for 2nd time on my 3rd day. 

But there are plenty of things to do in BELEM. Besides Egg Tart from Pasteis de Belem , Belem is the main place for all type of museums. So many museums to visit. 

Then, on the riverside of Tagus River, there is some monument built to remember their glory time. You can see the world map, places that Portugese has conqured during their glory day. 

The monument is opposite of the museum / egg tart shop. so you have to use underground to cross. 

From the monument , you can see the red bridge which look like the Golden Bridge in San Francisco but this one is called 25 Abril Bridge after the Portugese Carnation Revolution 1974. This is the longest suspension bridge in Europe. 

Cause, i still feel jetlag and i dont want to sleep early, so i decided to continue my journey. Take a tram back to Praca do Comercio. The famous square with yellow building opposite the Tagus River. btw, the river is huge and clean. 

I just stroll around the area and walk towards Rossio Square. In between, i found the famous lift Elevador de Santa Justa . it was late afternoon, crowd is still manageable. Once i reach the observation deck, i can see the magnificent view of Baixa, the Tagus River and the San Jose fortress. And late afternoon towards sunset was the best time, other then sunrise. It was a perfect place for sightseeing without too much effort. 

After spending less than an hour, i take a lift down and went back to hostel. Ready to check in, clean up myself, take shower and have a simple dinner. Since i have stock of food from Malaysia and it is heavy, i try to finish out all the food and reduce the weight asap. 

At 7pm, i am ready to go to my bed. still too early but i am extremely tired and my roommate still not coming in. I only notice them in the morning which most of them wake up late. Since it is shared bathroom, i decided to wake up a bit early, shower, perform my prayer and ready for breakfast and next adventure. 

So, where's next? 

2nd >>> Sintra, another UNESCO site in Portugal. 

See ya. 

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Transit di Muscat, Oman

Transit di Muscat Oman

March 2015

We arrived in Muscat Airport late evening and after settling our visa-on-arrival, the agent takes us to a hotel. The trip began early in the morning on the next day. 

Grand Mosque 

Muttrah Souq (Pasar)

Al Alam Palace

We just passed by Jalali Fort dan Mirani Fort. 

Mengerjakan Umrah 2015

Mekah (Umrah)
March 2015

Ini umrah kali kedua untuk saya dan adik perempuan saya. Untuk my parents, maybe ketiga or keempat. I think my first umrah was about 12 years ago. Lame dah. dulu nak jalan dari pintu Masjidul Haram ke hotel, x la jauh sgt, sekarang agak jauh bagi ktorg. kesian ibu. berapa kali je ke masjid, sempat penat jalan. Next time, mmg kena amik pakej yg dekat masjid, kalo boleh hotel depan masjid. InsyaAllah one day. Ktorg tgh tggu turn nak pegi Haji. 1st time for me. 

Kami berlepas dari KL dan transit di Oman untuk ziarah dan bermalam semalam di Muscat Oman. Keesokkan harinya, baru jalan2 sekitar Oman dan amik flight petang ke Madinah. Rasenye kami terus ke Madinah dah tak turun di Jeddah untuk naik bas ke Madinah. 

Masjidil Nabawi

Ktorg di Madinah dlm 3 malam. sebelum bertolak ke Mekah. rasenye 4 malam di Mekah. 

Maqam Rasulullah SAW dan sahabat, Raudhah

Kat Madinah, banyak jubah utk perempuan yg cantik2 compare kat Mekah. so kalo nak beli jubah ke abaya utk ladies, beli kat Madinah siap2. and hargenye pun lebih murah. kat Mekah, sy x shopping pun. mmg dah beli jubah siap2 kat sini. mmg this round niat xnak shopping.

Masjid Quba'

From Wikipedia, 
"Masjid Quba (atau Masjid al-Quba) ialah masjid pertama yang dibina oleh orang Islam. Masjid ini terletak di Kota Madinah kira-kira dua batu daripada Masjid an-Nabawi. Masjid ini diasaskan oleh Nabi Muhammad (SAW) Saws.jpg sebelum baginda tiba di Madinah ketika berhijrah dari Makkah.
Masjid Quba kemudian disiapkan oleh Sahabat Rasulullah Saws.jpg. Rasulullah Saws.jpg menghabiskan masa selama 20 malam (selepas hijrah) di samping bersembahyang dan beribadah kepada Allah s.w.t.."

Pasar Kurma

Jabal Uhud / Bukit Uhud

Masjid Qiblatain,

Singgah kedai kurma lagi

Perkuburan Baqi’.

x masuk, hanya jemaah lelaki je boleh. ktorg lalu je.

Balik semula ke Masjid Nabawi

Dapat masuk Raudhah selepas bersesak ngan orang arab. sekali tu jela.. x dpt pun semayang kat dlm, dpt semayang pun kat tepi Raudhah. mmg ramai sgt org. and sgt la terseksa. patut cube sekali lagi, tgh malam, tapi ktorg x pegi pun.

On the way ke Mekah, ktorg naik bas. and die singgah tempat yg proper. btw, ktorg ikut Andalusia.

Alhamdulillah, smpi ke Masjidil Haram.

Masjidil Haram

Ktorg smpi lewat petang nak ke malam and lepas letak bag di hotel, terus gerak ke Masjid untuk Umrah pertama. sepanjang di Mekah, kami dpt buat 3 kali umrah. Alhamdulillah. lepas umrah dlm pkl 3 pagi. my mom and i , tido di Masjid. untuk join subuh beramai2.

Esoknye, kami ziarah sekitar Mekah

Jabal Rahmah

 Muzdalifah, Jamrah & Mina (melintasi & memandang dari dalam bas)

Ktorg singgah di Masjid Ja'ranah kalo x silap utk miqat and umrah kali kedua

Muzium Haramain 

Umrah kali ke-3

Saei dari Bukit Safa ke Marwah 

Ktorg most of the time, Saei dekat level bawah. sejuk, pernah sekali Saei kat bahagian atas, tapi rase mcm jauh sgt.

Gua Hira'

Malam ni ktorg hiking mendaki Jabal An-Nour. dimana, terletaknye Gua Hira'. Disini, dimana Nabi Muhammad saw. menerima wahyu yang pertama melalui Malaikat Jibril.

view dari atas. almost give up waktu nak naik. rase nak pitam.

Sampai Gua Hira' kitorg hanya duduk ditepi. x solat pun kat dlm gua ni.

Tawaf Wida'

Masjid Arrahmah, Jeddah

Ni kali kedua kami singgah disini dlm perjalanan balik ke KL. Masjid ni mmg famous. juga dikenali sebagai masjid terapung.

Time to go home. Ktorg smpi awal kat airport Jeddah. Sebab, biasala org Arab, takut diorg buat2 lambat kat immigration.