Thursday 21 March 2013

You Cha Kueh & Wantan @ Puncak Best Noodle

tada!!! See what i have found in Singapore. Another halal restaurant in Singapore. It is a Chinese Muslim Food at Far East Plaza.

Restaurant: Puncak Best Noodle Halal Muslim Food (Level 5, Far East Plaza, Scott Road)
Meal: Wantan and You Cha Kueh
Drink: Hot Coffee and Ice Bandung

Love the You Cha Kueh especially when eating it hot. The You Cha Kueh (YCK) and Wantan are a very well known Chinese food. I'm quite familiar with wantan as it sold in most of chinese halal restaurant and hotels' buffet in Malaysia.

This is the first time i had taste the YCK. The YCK is not a plain Cha Kueh. It is a fish Cha Kueh mix with flour and finished with sesame. Condiment was given to dip the YCK (The one in black). The white condiment which is the mayo mix with lime was for the wantan. Tastewise, it's good and not salty.

Cost: SGD10.20
Wantan and You Cha Kueh

Ice Bandung and Hot Coffee

The restaurant, Level 5, Far East Plaza, Scott Road (off Orchard Road)
The menu

Other halal restaurant in Far East Plaza are the famous Ayam Penyek Ria, Nasi Padang, 1 Japanese restaurant (forget the name) and another chinese muslim restaurant next to Puncak Restaurant.

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