Friday, 24 June 2016

Morocco-Spain On Budget (No so budget)

Date: 19.4.16

I made up my mind and deposit RM500 of my booking to travel more pay less (tmpl) backpacker group without hesitation.

A few hours later, i was accepted and invited into the Group Whatsapp.

All in as at yesterday: 3 male, 5 female.

All of us come from different background but maybe some have known each other for sometime.

Date 20.4.16

Received 1st itinerary from

One day early for flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1st day:Arrival at Marrakech, Morocco
2nd day: Marrakech, Morocco
3rd day: Marrakesh to Sahara
4th day: Sahara
5th day: Sahara - Marrakesh - Casablanca - Tangier
6th day: Algeciras, Gibraltar, Spain
7th day: Gibraltar
8th day: Gibraltar - Granada
9th day: Granada
10th day: Granada - Seville
11th day: Huelva day trip (zipline crossborder)
12th day: Seville - Cordoba
13th day: Cordoba
14th day: Cordoba - Madrid
15th day: Madrid (end tour)
Flight on the 15th day or 1 day later

1- 3d2n sahara: include in the trip
2- Gibraltar day trip: GBP25 (not included)
3- Zipline border Spain - Portugal: Euro 15 (not included)
Transportation: Euro 10-15
4- Entrance ke Alhambra,Granada (Online booking) EURO14 , garden EURO 7
5- Seville entrance, cathedral = EUR9, Alcazar= EUR9.50
6- Cordoba Mosque entrance: EUR8; Madinat Al Zahra: EUR1.5

Backpack package includes:

1- Night train from Marrakech to Tangier
2- Ferry from Tangier to Tarifa
3-Bus from Tarifa to Algeciras
4- Bus from Algeciras to Gibraltar
5- Train from Algeciras to Granada
6- Bus from Granada to Seville
7- Bus from Seville to Cordoba
8- Bus or Train from Cordoba to Madrid
9- Mostly intracity transport are covered except:

  • From Airport to Accommodation
  • From Train Station to Hostel
  • From Bus Station to Hostel 
(Average intra city cost around 3-7 EURO / walking / day pass)

As advised by leader:
1- Food: EURO 10 per day
2- Transport: EURO 10 per day
3- Souvenir: EURO 100 

Book: Jejak Ketamadunan dalam Al-Quran

2 May 2016: 
I paid my 2nd installment of RM2,000 (Total: RM2,500).

Early June 2016:
Bought the flight ticket for multi city
KL - Lisbon - Madrid - KL
Both transit in Heathrow, London
Price: RM3,084 (all in) with 787-9 Dreamliner Airline

June 2016
Bought travel insurance for RM105 only.
AXA insurance was rating above 8 with a very comprehensive coverage.

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